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Douglas R. Newman Inc. and Kohler Generators: A Proud Partnership
As a KOHLER AUTHORIZED DEALER, we offer automatic natural gas generators starting as low as $6,000 to power the essential circuits in your home. Douglas R. Newman Inc. also offers Kohler automatic whole home natural gas generators, ranging from 14kW to 20kW depending on the size of your home and the number of appliances running within, along with the extent as to which those appliances run simultaneously. We are here to figure out which option best fits your needs, and we will make sure your home is set up to keep your lights on, at your desired temperature, and your food fresh!

Did you buy a portable generator during the last storm? Good news! We also install and maintain all other brands of generators, including Generac. We can help you put that generator to good use in the future and will eliminate excess cords running all over your house. Call us and have your portable generator safely, legally, and tastefully connected to your home's main electrical panel (as per the NEC). 

Connecting Your Generator

At Douglas R. Newman Inc., we can connect your generator to your electrical panel in two different ways. The first method is by installing a critical circuit sub panel, and the second is by installing an InterLock manual transfer switch. Our experienced electricians are prepared to find the best option your home and your families' needs. 


Generators require maintain to ensure proper function and performance. We offer annual, bi-annual or one time maintenance plans to keep your generator running properly, effectively and efficiently. Don't let your valuable investment fall into disrepair or go to waste!

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